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Forthcoming Conferences


Working meeting of RC 17 in Taipei, Taiwan

The next working meeting of RC 17 will be conducted on April, 12-15 in Taipei National University in Taiwan within the framework of a "Symposium on Cross-National Surveys" .

Congress of the International Political Science Association
(Istanbul, Turkey, July, 23-28, 2016)

Research Committee 17 is organizing 15 conference panels within the framework of the forthcoming 24th IPSA Congress. Description of the panels, please, see below.

The meeting of the Executive Committee of RC 17 will take place on July, 28.

RC 17 panels at the IPSA World Congress:

Comparative Public Opinion in Post-Soviet Eurasia and the MENA Region
Chair: Prof. Alexander Gasparishvili
Co-chair: Prof. Christian W Haerpfer
Discussants: Dr. Rufat Efendiyev
Does Faith Matter? Religious Affiliation and Public Opinion about Environment Prof. Zeynep Taydas, Prof. Cigdem Kentmen-Cin
Index of Leftness (Rightness) of Economy and Political Ideologies
Dr. Rufat Efendiyev, Dr. Mayis Gulaliyev
Public Opinion in Russia as a source of Political Regime Support
Prof. Larisa Vdovichenko
Un-Ideological Citizens? Discovering Patterns of Ideological Thinking in Post-Communist Society
Dr. Ieva Petronyte
Why Arabs Rebelled?: Grievances and Opportunities in Tunisian and Egyptian Uprisings
Mr. M. Tahir KILAVUZ

Culturalism and Institutionalism from the Political Culture Perspective
Chair: Dr. Henrique Castro 
Co-chair: Dr. Sonia Ranincheski 
Discussants: Daniel Capistrano 
Prof. Luis Gustavo Grohmann 
Constraints on Political Reform in Brazil and Mexico: the Influence of Political Culture
Dr. MANUEL ANGEL RODRIGUEZ, Dr. Rodrigo Stumpf Gonzalez
Emancipating Sexuality: Breakthroughs into Bulwark of Tradition
Prof. Christian Welzel
Generations and political attitudes: a study about support for democracy in Latin America
Dr. Mario Fuks, Mr. Rafael Paulino
Social Orders, Mental Models and Development in Weak Institutional Settings: A research agenda
The Development of Democratic and Political Value Orientations after Regime Change. An Empirical Investigation of the Societies in Central and Eastern Europe
Mr. Benjamin C. Sack
What Ideas Shape Masses in Russia
Ms. Julia Baskakova

Electoral Change in Old and New Democracies
Chair: Dr. Alejandro Moreno
Co-chair: Prof. Richard Gunther
Discussants: Prof. Hans-Jürgen Puhle
Dr. Alejandro Moreno
Elections in Times of Economic Crisis
Prof. Paolo Segatti, Dr. Jose Ramon Montero
Partisan Polarization in Democratic Elections
Prof. Paul Beck, Prof. Mariano Torcal, Prof. Richard Gunther
South Africa: Seeds of Electoral Change?
Dr. Collette Schulz Herzenberg, Prof. Robert Mattes
The Changing Determinants of the Vote Revisited
Prof. Richard Gunther

Governance and Local Development: Comparative Inequality in Government Service Provision
Chair: Prof. Ellen Lust
Discussants: Prof. Tarek Masoud 
Dr. Michael Robbins 
How Formal Electoral Institutions Affect Informal Redistribution Patterns
Ms. Kristen Kao
The Importance of Local Context on Political Engagement: Forms and Factors
Prof. Dhafer Malouche, Prof. Ellen Lust, Prof. Pierre LANDRY
The Influence of Ethnicity and Local Context on Political Behavior
Dr. Adam Harris
Why Do Gender Gaps in Services Exist in Some Tunisian Localities?
Dr. Lindsay Benstead

ISIL as a Challenge to Security and Stability in the MENA region: Origins and Solutions
Chair: Prof. Juan DIEZ-NICOLAS
Discussants: Mr. Johnny Heald
Arab Security Sector Index and Citizens’ Perspectives, 2015
Prof. Ben HAFAIEDH Abdelwahab
Changing Attitudes In Syria Towards Daesh
Mr. Johnny Heald
ISIL Still Winning Because We Fail to Understand the Lesson
The Perception of Security in the MENA Region
The Relation between Muslim localized conflicts, grievances and transnational violence
Prof. Bi Puranen
Who are the Arab Democrats? Evidence from the 2012-14 Arab Barometer Survey
Dr. Lars Berger

Patterns of Political Capital, Social Capital and Cultural Capital in Europe, Asia, MENA and Latin America
Chair: Mr. ishac diwan
Co-chair: Dr. Lars Berger
Discussants: Prof. Marita Carballo
Prof. Yang Zhong
Education as Indoctrination - The Case of the Arab World
Mr. ishac diwan
Explaining Nationalism in Urban China
Prof. Yang Zhong
La participation des jeunes dans la vie socio-économique et politique
Mr. Mohammed AMCHICH
The Democratic Disconnect
Mr. Roberto Foa, Dr. Yascha Mounk
Trust and Cultural Changes in Latin America
Prof. Marita Carballo
Understanding Political Trust: Evidence from Survey Experiments
Dr. Aaron Martin

Patterns of Political Participation in a Global Comparison
Chair: Prof. Christian W Haerpfer
Co-chair: Dr. Alejandro Moreno
Discussants: Mr. Roberto Foa
Correlates and Determinants of Political Participation: A Sensitivity Analysis
Dr. Claudiu Tufis
Democratic attitudes and political action in Latin America
Dr. Alejandro Moreno
Effects of Inequality on Attending a Political Demonstration: Harmonized Survey Data on 142 Countries, 1966 – 2014
Dr. Joshua Dubrow, Dr. Irina Tomescu-Dubrow, Prof. Kazimierz M. Slomczynski
Individual Determinants that Trigger Protest Participation: The Case of Mexico City
Mr. Roberto Carrillo Sáenz
Patterns of Conventional and Un-Conventional Political Participation in different World Regions
Prof. Christian W Haerpfer
The Late Lebanese Spring: Personality, Political Attitudes, and (Non-)Participation in Lebanon
Dr. Kathrin Thomas, Dr. Tamirace Fakhoury

Politics of Polarization in Challenged Democracies
Chair: Prof. Chong-Min Park
Co-chair: Prof. Yu-Tzung Chang
Discussants: Professor Byung-Kook Kim
Challenge of Process Legitimacy in East and Southeast Asia
Prof. Min-Hua Huang
Inequality and Democratization: Micro-level Evidence
Dr. Wen-Chin Wu, Prof. Yu-Tzung Chang
Party Polarization and Political Consequences in South Korea
Prof. Nae Young Lee
Procedural Fairness and Democratic Regime Evaluation
Dr. Chin-En Wu
When Winning Does Not Mean Being in Government? Testing the Winner-Loser Thesis in East Asia
Prof. Chong-Min Park

Social and Political Development of Contemporary Societies
Chair: Prof. Bi Puranen
Co-chair: Mr. ishac diwan
Discussants: Prof. Masahiro Yamada
Changing and Differing Media Environments: Why Media System Characteristics Matter for Citizens
Mr. Björn Buß
Changing Anti-Immigrant Public Moods: Acceptances and Contact
Dr. Steven Van Hauwaert, Mr. Patrick English
Electoral Malpractice and Perceptions of Electoral Integrity in Southeast Asia
Dr. Netina Tan
Public Attitudes toward Income Inequality and Government Redistribution: A Cross-National Analysis of the Developed Countries
Dr. Vincent Mahler
Why Does Patriotism Prevail? Contextual Explanations of Patriotism Across Countries
Dr. Gal Ariely
Why so Many “Don’t Know” Responses in Japan?: Social Influence on Political Opinion Formation
Prof. Masahiro Yamada

Sources of Political Regime Support: Comparative Evidence from Global Barometer Surveys
Chair: Dr. Michael Bratton
Discussants: Prof. Yun-Han Chu 
Social Capital and Transformation of Political Culture in in NIS
Miss Kseniya Kizilova
The Effect of the Arab Spring on Popular Support for Democracy: Evidence from an Unplanned Quasi-Experiment
Dr. Michael Robbins
The Ideal Way of Governance and System Support
Dr. Jie Lu
The Imagination of Democracy in South Asia: The Social Context and Political Reality
Dr. Sandeep Shastri

Struggle for Recognition: Societal and Attitudinal Repercussions of Kurdish Insurgency in Turkey
Chair: Dr. Gunes Murat Tezcur
Co-chair: Dr. Zeki Sarigil
Discussants: Dr. Zeki Sarigil
Dr. Gunes Murat Tezcur
Changes in Interpersonal Trust and Tolerance over the Course of a Violent Struggle : The case of Turkey
Ms. Sule Yaylaci
Representation Of Refugees in the Media: A Comparative Case Study of the British and Turkish Press
Prof. nader fekri
Structuring Ethnic Boundaries: The Secular Kurdish Movement and Islam
Dr. Zeki Sarigil
The Effects of the Battle for Kobane in the Cultural Framings of the Kurdish Nationalist Movement in Turkey
Mr. Alejandro Ciordia Morandeira

Support for Democracy and Satisfaction with Democracy
Chair: Miss Kseniya Kizilova
Co-chair: Prof. Christian W Haerpfer
Discussants: Prof. Hsinhao Huang
Dr. Alejandro Monsivais
A Time to Divert: Electoral Constraint, Economic Inequality, and National Pride in Democracies.
Dr. Ryo Nakai
Dissatisfied Democrats or Disappointed Citizens? The Democratic Deficit in Mexico in its Political Context
Dr. Alejandro Monsivais
Do Citizens want too much? Assessing the Effects of Disconfirmation between Expectations and Evaluations on Satisfaction with Democracy
Ms. Lea Heyne
How do Citizens Evaluate Their Governments Hierarchically? Evidence from Taiwan and China
Prof. Hsinhao Huang
Human Development, Regime Performance, and Political Satisfaction in Arab Societies
Dr. Sabri Ciftci
Learning democracy: Determinants of satisfaction with democracy in 29 countries
Miss Monica Ferrin

The Left-Right Ideology: What Is It and How Do We Measure It?
Chair: Prof. HEEMIN KIM 
Discussants: Prof. Ian Budge 
Dr. Jee Seon Jeon 
Modified Rokeach Model of Political Ideology for Measuring Ideological Placement on the Left-Right Spectrum: A Turkish Example
Dr. Murat Sevencan
The meaning and consequences of let right distinctions in postcommunist societies
Prof. toni makkai
The same Left-Right across the Atlantic? Comparing the dimensionality of the issue space across seven countries
Dr. Aldo Paparo, Prof. Lorenzo De Sio
What Causes a Survey Respondent to Misplace Herself on an Ideological Spectrum?: A Cross-National Analysis.
Prof. HEEMIN KIM, Prof. Jungho Roh

The Uneven State of Democracy in the Early 21st Century
Chair: Mrs. Marta Lagos 
Discussants: Dr. Larry Diamond 
A Global Map of Popular Demand for Democracy and Its Perceived Supply
Prof. Robert Mattes, Dr. Michael Bratton
Forms and Trends of Political Participation in Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe
Prof. Christian W Haerpfer, Miss Kseniya Kizilova
Regime Support and Performance across regions of the world. (global barometers)
Mrs. Marta Lagos
Understandings of Democracy around the World
Dr. Jie Lu, Prof. Min-Hua Huang, Prof. Yun-Han Chu

The Youth and Democratic Citizenship
Chair: Prof. Yun-Han Chu 
Discussants: Mrs. Marta Lagos 
Prof. Yu-Tzung Chang 
How does the Youth view Democracy in East Asia?
Dr. Alex Chang, Prof. Huoyan Shyu, Prof. Bridget Welsh
Learning Democracy: Civic Education in South Afirca's First Post-Apartheid Generation
Prof. Robert Mattes, Prof. David Denemark, Prof. Richard Niemi
The Perception of Income Distribution and Ideological Polarization among Asia’s Youth
Dr. Kai-Ping Huang
Understanding of Democracy among Asia's Millennial Generation
Prof. Yun-Han Chu
What do Young People Understand Democracy? A Comparative Analysis of University Students in Taiwan and Mainland China
Dr. Hsin-Hsin Pan, Prof. Yu-Tzung Chang



Published on Wednesday, October 8 2014 by Kseniya Kizilova