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RC 17 at UN Expert meeting

Members of RC17 contributed to the joint expert meeting of International IDEA, World Values Survey Association and UNDP that took place on April, 27, 2015 at the UN headquarters in New York. The topic of the meeting was “Monitoring the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals, Targets and Indicators: The role of Social Surveys”. The main aim of this high level event was to assess the potential of contribution of comparative public opinion research to a successful measurement of Sustainable Development Goals an integral part of the UN post-2015 agenda. The event was timely, as this year sees the official end of the Millennium Development Goals, which the world’s governments agreed to in the United Nations at the beginning of the 21st century as the heart of the development agenda.

The event was opened by the welcoming notes of Yves Leterme (Secretary General, International IDEA), Christian Haerpfer (President WVSA & Chair of RC 17) and Paul Ladd (Director, Post-2015 and SDGs Team, Bureau for Policy and Programme Support/BPPS, UNDP). Morning session was open to public and featured expert panels discussing the role of social surveys in the data revolution for sustainable development goals. Among the speakers of the morning session were Christian Haerpfer (President WVSA & Chair of RC 17) who was talking about development of the 7th wave of WVS survey and the Sustainable Development Goals; Prof. Pippa Norris (WVSA) who spoke about using survey data as a monitoring tool; and Ronald Inglehart (WVSA Founding President and Board member of RC17) whose presentation was on the World Values Surveys and human development. Discussion was opened by Mitchell Toomey (Director, Millennium Campaign, BPPS, UNDP) and Samantha Custer (Director of Policy and Communications, AidData).

Panel two of the morning session was devoted to The Data Revolution for Sustainable Development: Priorities, Indicators, and Needs and included presentations by Eva Jespersen (Deputy Director, Human Development Report Office, UNDP); Laura Rodriguez-Takeuchi (Overseas Development Institute/ODI); Simon Scott (Development Cooperation Directorate, OECD); and Enrico Giovannini (Independent Expert Advisory Group on a Data Revolution for SD). Marta Lagos (WVSA and Board member of RC17), Darwish Al Emadi (WVSA), Christian Welzel (WVSA) served as discussants. The panel was followed by questions and answers session.

Among the other contributors to the Expert meeting could be mentioned Professor Juan Diez Nicolas (WVSA and Board member of RC 17), Marita Carballo (WVSA), Alejandro Moreno (WVSA), Bi Puranen (WVSA), Yilmaz Esmer (WVSA), Jaime Diez Medrano (WVSA), Tatiana Karabchuk (WVSA), Neil Nevittee (WVSA) and Kseniya Kizilova (Administrative Secretary of WVSA and Secretary of RC17). The event was webcasted live at UN web-TV.

Afternoon session included brainstorming thematic work-groups identifying innovative themes and new issues contributing to the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals which could be monitored through the 7th wave of the World Values Survey.


Published on Saturday, November 15 2014 by Kseniya Kizilova