RC17 Members participate in the Global Barometer Survey Online Meeting (2020)

A Global Barometer Survey (GBS) Group Meeting was held online at June 4, 2020. The meeting discussed three main topics:1. The challenges and opportunities of Covid-19,2. Developing a GBS module on assessing the impact of Covid-19, and 3. Developing new survey strategies (sampling frame and modes of interview) to overcome lockdown and social distancing.

RC17 Chair Speaks in the Panel Discussion on “Is Democracy in Crisis?” at the Asan Plenum (2019)
Professor Yun-han Chu, Principal Director of the Asian Barometer Survey and Chair of RC17 participated in a panel discussion on the topic “Is Democracy in Crisis?” in Seoul on April 24 as part of the Asan Plenum 2019. The panel discussed the state of democracy around the globe in the face of the emergence of authoritarian strongmen in countries such as Turkey, Russia, and the Philippines, as well as the rise of populism in mature democracies, exemplified by the Brexit vote and Trump’s election in 2016. In his opening remarks, Professor Chu mentioned that Larry Diamond’s warning in 2007 that the world is now entering a global “democratic recession” has been proven true. Panelists engaged in a wide ranging discussion of causes of the current democratic malaise and potential ways out of it. The full panel discussion can be viewed here.
Members of RC17 join the Global Barometer Survey (GBS) Group Meeting (2019)

A Global Barometer Survey (GBS) Group Meeting was held in Bangalore between January 19-21, 2019. The meeting finalized the common questionnaire for Wave 3 of the GBS and discussed progress on Wave 3 of the South Asian Barometer Survey.  Participants also discussed plans for a new report highlighting the main findings of the GBS.

RC17 Members join the GBS Conference In United Arab Emirates University On Feb 4-6, 2018
GBS Conference on “Popular Evaluation of Well-Being in the Arab World, East Asia, South East Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America” was held in United Arab Emirates University on Feb 4-6, 2018. The conference was co-organized by Center for East Asia Democratic Studies, NTU and United Arab Emirates University.
RC17 Board Members participate in the Global Barometer Surveys Workshop Held At Bangalore in India, March 2-3, 2017
A Global Barometer Surveys workshop was held at Bangalore in India between March 2 and March 3, 2017. At this conference, scholars shared and discussed the overview of the State of Democracy in South Asia Barometer report, political performance, and further discussed the Global Barometer Survey Publication Book Project.
RC17 Comparative Public Opinion continues the Global Barometer Series (2016)

In 2016-2017, RC 17 on Comparative Public Opinion continues its activities on organization and promotion of world’s largest social survey programs, including planning of the next wave of the Global Barometer Surveys with Asian Barometer, Arab Barometer, Afro Barometer, Eurasia Barometer and Latino Barometer as well as the World Values Survey wave 7 to be completed in 2017-2018. Survey findings of both survey projects are widely used in scholar papers and presentations (at the IPSA World Congress in Poznan RC17 has organized 12 thematic panels) as well as in series of publications. Among them, The Global Barometers Series published by the Lynne Rienner Publishers. The series includes already three collective monographs: “Party Politics in East Asia: Citizens, Elections, and Democratic Development” (Russell J. Dalton, Doh Chull Shin, and Yun-han Chu, editors, 2008); “Voting and Democratic Citizenship in Africa” (Michael Bratton, editor, 2013); “Growing Up Democratic: Does It Make a Difference?” (David Denemark, Robert Mattes, and Richard G. Niemi, editors, 2016). The next, forth volume which will enrich the series in 2018-2020 is a collective monograph on “People and Democracy in the Developing World: Citizenship in the Early 21st Century” which is devoted to development of democracy, political institutions and transformations of the concept of citizenship. The plan and outline of the new book have been elaborated and approved at the RC17 meeting which took place on September, 27-28, 2018 at Princeton University in USA with the participation of Prof. Yunhan Chu (Asian Barometer & Chair of RC17), Prof. Christian Haerpfer (Eurasia Barometer & Board Member of RC17), Dr Marta Lagos (Latino Barometer & Board Member of RC17), Dr Michael Robbins (Arab Barometer), Prof. Robert Matter (Afro Barometer & Vice-Chair of RC17) and others. The monograph will comprise findings from the Global Barometer Survey and the World Values Survey and will focus on various understandings of democracy around the world; democratic participation in different parts of the world; economic and political performance and perceived supply of democracy; social and partisan cleavages as well as the future of democracy in the developing world.

RC17 Members organize the Forum on Global Barometer Surveys (2015)
​The 2015 Forum on Global Barometer Surveys hosted by the Fudan-Duke Center for Global Attitudes about Politics and Society at Fudan University in Shanghai. Director of Eurasia Barometer Prof. Christian Haerpfer made presentation on “Value systems and Value Change in Mainland China: Analysis of the World Value Survey in Mainland China 1990 – 2012” and a presentation on "Political Capital and Trust in Political Institutions in Post-Soviet Eurasia: Analysis of Eurasia Barometer and World Values Survey 1994 – 2013" which included findings of Eurasia Barometer surveys and the World Values Survey. Vice-Director of Eurasia Barometer Kseniya Kizilova presented findings of Eurasia Barometer survey in a presentation on “Support for Different Political Regimes in New Independent States: 1994 – 2014” and a presentation on the “Image of Mainland China in the Countries of Middle East and North Africa”. The Forum was followed by a Eurasia Barometer Consortium presentation at the conference “Belt and Road Initiatives: Public Opinion Survey and the Image of Mainland China” hosted by China Center for Contemporary World Studies in Beijing.
RC 17 at UN Expert meeting (2015)

Members of RC17 contributed to the joint expert meeting of International IDEA, World Values Survey Association and UNDP that took place on April, 27, 2015 at the UN headquarters in New York. The topic of the meeting was “Monitoring the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals, Targets and Indicators: The role of Social Surveys”. The main aim of this high level event was to assess the potential of contribution of comparative public opinion research to a successful measurement of Sustainable Development Goals an integral part of the UN post-2015 agenda. The event was timely, as this year sees the official end of the Millennium Development Goals, which the world’s governments agreed to in the United Nations at the beginning of the 21st century as the heart of the development agenda. The event was opened by the welcoming notes of Yves Leterme (Secretary General, International IDEA), Christian Haerpfer (President WVSA & Board member of RC 17) and Paul Ladd (Director, Post-2015 and SDGs Team, Bureau for Policy and Programme Support/BPPS, UNDP). Morning session was open to public and featured expert panels discussing the role of social surveys in the data revolution for sustainable development goals. Panel two of the morning session was devoted to The Data Revolution for Sustainable Development: Priorities, Indicators, and Needs. Marta Lagos (WVSA and Board member of RC17) served as discussant. Among the other contributors to the Expert meeting can be mentioned RC17 board member Marita Carballo (WVSA), and Kseniya Kizilova (Secretary of RC17). The event was webcasted live at UN web-TV. Afternoon session included brainstorming thematic work-groups identifying innovative themes and new issues contributing to the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals which could be monitored through the 7th wave of the World Values Survey.